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The NCAA holds a controlling interest in RefPay™. RefPay is the largest sport officiating payment solution in the country. RefPay's electronic payment network provides an easy and reliable way for a broad spectrum of groups ranging from elite college conferences to local recreation departments to send millions of dollars in officiating payments every month. Countless hours and business expertise in banking, accounting, finance, law and computer programming were all combined to create what has become the industry standard for paying officials.

RefPay™ complies with applicable federal and state regulations. All funds are completely secure and fully insured, and can be recalled by the payer at anytime. Client funds are held in escrow at a Trust Bank and deposited in instruments backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. RefPay maintains the appropriate insurance coverage's associated with operating an online payment solution. RefPay is currently available only for transfers within the United States.

RefPay's objective is to provide financial solutions to the officiating community at the highest value possible. Our support team is standing by ready to serve you. Join today and find out why RefPay is the payment network of choice for thousands of satisfied users.



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